Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wreck it Ralpf - Fix it Felix Arcade Preview

Wreck it Ralph Movie is coming. I had the chance to get a preview of an official promo cab.

Ok, here some words from a collector point of view. The scratches on the side are strange. Someone sanded the sideart and does some scratches with knife something. The sidearts paint is fresh, has no signs of age. The T-Molding has no cigarette burns, this is most common on old cabs coming from pubs.

Some scratches was made on the plexi bezel. On the other hands it`s absolute dustfree clean. The marquee is new.

The CPO : Joystick is modern 8 way stick cheap china scrap. It`s really bad. The speaker hole and coindoor points out that this cab is Donkey Kong or at least a Nintendo Cab conversion. This means that Disney wrecks a DK, DK Jr, Mario Brother to make this promo. From collectors point of view a hard slap in the face. 

I don't know if the buttons are new or used.

First sign of dust. Here again very difficult to get metal marquee holder for Nintendo Cabs.

This is the arcade PCB :)

Chassis, VGA CRT monitor is brand new.

Ok, It`s a pity that a original nintendo  cab was wrecked for this promo action. But nevertheless it should able soon to get at least the shells in EU again.

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