Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Supergun MAK Strike Enclosure Mockup

He, this is the mockup for my new supergun mak strike enclosure. There are some things to improve left. Anyway, I think this is a good starter.

-  complete noble metal
- Switches for Test, Service, Power and Mono / Stereo Select
- Huge Buttons Coin and Starts
- Voltage Display
- Two fan cuts
- Scart RGB
- PSU cut
- Holes for potentiometer knob adjusting RGB level and voltage 5V
- jamma connector

PSU will be built-in.

Comments are welcome.


Alenor said...

that's gorgeous

would save me the trouble of building the test-bed i was going to start on.

think there would be enough room in there to stuff one of these in there?

bencao74 said...

yes, this one will fit. Hence a cutout is needed for the connectors ;)

Alenor said...

if a supergun and that converter fit in the box, that would be cool :) you will eventually have these up in the store?

btw, i sent you a PM on arcadezentrum as my alter ego
re: arcade bartop ;)

bencao74 said...

Hey, :) Yes, this project will be realized Q4, 2013 ;)

Carlos Ubilla said...

This is really interesting for people that want enclosure for everything, especially the power supply.

Any date for this to be available at arcadeforge?