Wednesday, 3 April 2013

ArcadeForge Bartop : Monitor Mount, CPO, Jamma Wiring and run with 19-in-1 PCB


during the easter days I was mounting the LCD 17inch in the bartop. Second I populated the CPO, made the Jamma Wiring and put it a 19-in-1 Arcade PCB.


Test run of the hardware: Arcade PSU, 19-in-1 Arcade PCB, SLG3000

The monitor mount will be glued together.

I`ve made some drawing to improve later on the CNC plan.

Ok, this bars will not fit. :)

Ready mounted 17 inch lcd

Okay, Jamma Wiring / Harness ready with the multigame PCB. For better picture quality I`ve put in a Scanline Generator SLG3000

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