Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Atari Centipede Restoration Part 2

Here are some pics from my latest Centipede Restoration.

First part was shown here.

Marquee was missing. So I replaced it by just buying an original one.

 First I did some measuring and the PCB got no stable 5V. So I took a closer look at the ARII Board. Replaced LM305 and Q3 part 2N3055. Did the sense mod as well. After that voltage was okay again.

PCB didn't boot up. So I replcaed the PCB by a spare one I had in my storage.

Ended in this. The configuration of tube was messed up.

So I took pics of all connectors and measured the caps, replaced them, when needed. I`ve used one of this cap meters.

Next step the control panel.

Trackball showed signs of heavy use. I`ve to replace them and wait for parts. So I used the time for cleaning.

Picture is quite ok after configuring the tube.

Further the marquee light was defect. I fixed the harness, but finally the bulb was defect, too. I`ve to replace it with LED Stripes.

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