Sunday 21 September 2008

Dreamcast Arcade Stick

A new little project. To play Ikaragua and the SNK classics Last Blade with a arcade feeling I decided to mod a DC Controller to an Arcade Stick. Years ago I buied an Arcade controller for the PC. This is a good start for a prototype.

Here is the DC Controller in parts:

The interface of the stick with the six buttons:

I soldered the wires directly to the corresponding Pads on the DC Ctrl PCB:

Here's the first test after connecting the wires to the joystick:

Finally I inserted the pcb in joystick case.

I removed the second connector for the VMU. The first is still connected.

There is no place left for a VMU card inside the case. Additionally it makes no sense to have no access to the VMU. Now I can solder wires to soldier pads of the second VMU interface and get them out of the case. But this is an task for the future. Connecting the triggers to buttons is also a task left, because Last Blade uses them for special moves.

But now I'm half the way to this. ;)

Here's a closeup of the PCB

Thanks go to Jörg for his inspiration.

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