Friday, 10 July 2009

Say hello to SAM, TIM, LIM, SUC and the LiPo USB Charger

Hi out there,

yesterday I finally received my own bunch of self-made PCBs. Here they are:

SAM for xbox360 and others.

SAM is Stick Adapter MOD for Sanwa JLF and Seimitsu LS32-0 like sticks.
This is the solution for all xbox360 PCB. Since almost all known xbox360 pads are not common ground it's difficult to assemble xbox360 with premium stick like the Sanwa JLF or Semitsu LS32-01. This widley used sticks have a common ground 5 pin connector and are not compatible to the most xbox360 controllers. This adapter solves this problem.


LIM is a Led Inverter Mod. To separate your PCB and your LED Mods LIM can be used to secure your PCB. Bullet proof led mods can be also done with this PCB.

TIM stands for Trigger Inverter Mod. Some xbox360 Pads uses no common signals (high instead of low) for the trigger. Due to this the trigger can't be used in some xbox360 pads. TIM solves this issue.


Led Mods or circuits needs external power resources. With this PCB you can use LiPo batteries used in handys or digital cameras in your mods. Up time increases and your LiPo batteries are recharged via USB.


But you need 5V in your circuits. Of course you do! Here is SUC. SUC takes 1 AA (or more) and outputs 5V. SUC works of course with accumulator batteries and has built in protection against discharging.

All PCB have to assembled with parts. Contact me if your interested in this stuff.




johnus[at]gmail[dot]com said...

Hi, really enjoying looking at your site.
I'm in the process of making my first Arcade Stick but right now am running into some problems.

I'll be using Sanwa OBSF-30 Buttons and a Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Stick.

Problem is i'm not sure of the height to mount the Joystick and buttons.

For buttons I have 3mm is that okay? and 6mm for mounting the stick.

Do you have template for layout also? I'm after the japanese style.


bencao74 said...

cheers ! ;)

perhaps this inspires you:

For button templates consult slagcoins site:



rpb said...

great stuff! i am planning to construct my own wireless controllers soon (just need to finish the frames first!). So I've been reading all I can about how/what to solder for the internal electronics.

I have a non-common ground xbox360 pad -- am I correct in thinking the TIM will help me wire the triggers? or does TIM apply to even common ground controllers?

bencao74 said...


Quote :
I have a non-common ground xbox360 pad -- am I correct in thinking the TIM will help me wire the triggers? or does TIM apply to even common ground controllers?


If you don't want to make a dual mod or things like that, than you don't need this stuff. I never heard that the original xbox360 pads uses inverted triggers. Neither you need commong ground. Wire the each soldier pads directly to your button. Every soldier pad has two wires: The dedicated GND and a signal. Do not use daisy chain. This is only for common ground setups, you don't have.



rpb said...

great, thanks for the reply. i do eventually plan to make dual mod sticks, but i will start with just the xbox360 for my first one to learn.

hopefully you will still have these boards available when i get around to the dual mod. :)

bencao74 said...


okay. This dual mod techniques evolve from day to day. Take your time ;)