Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Stick Adapter Mod SAM finished - Common Ground Mod


I've assembled my common ground mod. Here're the pics. This circuit allows you to connect Seimitsu sticks like 32-01 or Sanwa JLF to non common ground PCBs.

Here's an closeup. Just connect the stick and PCB with standard delivered cables.

Yo, connected to a LS32-01

I've some more left: First com first serve


Anonymous said...

Hi, I followed your posts in Shoryuken forum, regarding a dual PCB using Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3 in one. I want to do a DUAL PCB (I wondered if it could be triple) using XBOX 360/PC Madcatz 4716 gamepad PCB with common ground, and the Trustmaster I mentioned for PS2/PS3/PC. I thought it was a common ground until I read you and I was a bit dissapointed, since I wanted to make things easy. Is there a chance to use an XBOX 1 PCB (wired /wireless) to have support for this console as well?

I am a dumb at soldering and electronics, so I took my stick (not so bad at carpentering and painting) to an electronic technician.

How did you solve the Thrustmaster problem, or did you simply left if as impossible?

Could you please answer my at Shoruyken (ID: Marso) or at (better)

Thank you very much.

bencao74 said...

Okay, let me summarize to make sure that i get the message:

- Dual Mod with
- Madcatz 4716 and
- Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3

Dual Mods in general are not very convenient to assemble. Possible error space is large here.

However, this sounds possible. You've to take care that all signal use a common ground. Therefore you can use of course some mods presented here.

But best way is to use the UPCB with a xbox360 piggyback.

UPCB supports nativley :

- xbox1
- PS3
- PS2
- PC

and many others. Via piggyback xbox360 can be added. This solution is bullet proof.

Valentin said...

Great work,
i'm a long time modder. even though i don't know anything in electronic, i learned to read, and this basic skill allows me to skip a lot of problems.
i've bought some Xbox 360 Later rev PCB, with some other people, we discovered the impossibility to make dual mod with theses PCB as such.
So, simple question:
By extending this common ground mod to all the signals of the PCB, it's possible to make the controller common ground yes ? (except Triggers of course)
and also, since the line is the same for all the signals, can we daisy chain it to the chip instead of wiring all line signal ?
forgive me if it's unclear, i try to be as precise as possible in english, and i don't speak german.

bencao74 said...

Hey Valentin,

yes, exactly this way. You can lay down all the signals to use common ground line. Then daisy chain your buttons, sticks, whatever...

You can digitalize the triggers, too. I recommend to neutralize the trigger with resistors 10K. But take care, there exists specfic solutions for the different xbox360 pads (BigBen, Madcatz Pad, Madcatz Retrostick, Original M$, Saitek, ...)


Valentin said...

i've been following instructions on SRK, and my 5 PCBs have Triggers and analog neutralized with 10k resistor.
Oh, by the way, how much are you selling these stick adapter ?
Thanks for the quick reply !

bencao74 said...


okay, you're well informed :)

Prices depends on parts assembled.

Unassembled 4€,

Assembled with resistors and oc 6€ without cables,

7,50€ with cables

I've made only a little batch for this solution.

Valentin said...

i would like to take one without cable then, please.
I'm living in France, so i guess shipping won't be tremendous.
Last question, what are the reference of the IC1 ? i've been looking on the internet, and i can't figure it precisely.
Thanks again.

bencao74 said...


no, this should cost not too much.

Take a look here in the datasheet;ACTION=7;LA=6;OPEN=0;INDEX=0;FILENAME=A500%252Fpc847x%2523SHA.pdf;SID=25ZwR0h6wQARkAAALRO28a2fd0ef65eed2ffe2b03a0d79e589eef

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