Thursday 10 September 2009

Popcorn Kung-FU Wiring Part 1


this is going to be a dual mod with a Cuthulu PS3 PCB and Madcatz Retrostick. Dual Mods needs common ground for all signals. Those both friends fullfil this needs. When dual modding the Cuthulu has one big advantage: Extra Connector for the xbox360 signals.

Take a deeper look at the pics. Here`s just the connection between ps3 pcb and xbox360 pcb wired.

It's a really good design.


Unknown said...

Very nice wiring, dude ... although the pcb seems to be a little big, covering the button holes. Did you already solved that problem oder do you just cut off the upper part of the controller (who cares about triggers anyway) ;)

Arcadeforge said...


yes indeed, the PCB is large. It's possible to cut away the GND Plane there. The pcb layout is quite simple here. But of course I measured the button depth und shift the pcb with screws. Hopefully it fits.