Tuesday 15 December 2009

Assembling a dual mod with dual strike PCB, Part1


here's the first part of assembling a dual mod with the dual strike PCB.

The goal is to assemble a circuit supporting the Playstation 3 and xbox360 with my dual strike PCB.


- Multimeter / Circuit analyzer

Step 1: Check if your xbox360 PCB has a common ground line.

Each button has two wires. One cable is the ground line. Check with the multimeter which ohne is connected to ground. Measure the resistance between a ground point, i.e. black wire of usb connector and the button wire.

Expected result : Resistance between one button wire and black usb wire is 0 ohm. This wire is connected to GND. Notify this Button GND wire.

Step 2: Measure resistance between Button GND wire to all other buttons wire.

Expected result : Each button and stick directions have a wire with resistance of 0 ohm to the Button GND wire.

Ok, now we're sure that all buttons and stick directions share a common ground.

You're ready to rumble the dual mod.

That's all for today. Leave comments in case something is unclear or can be better described.


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