Sunday 13 December 2009

Lobo Stick almost finished!

Hi Folks,

so this is my christmas edition. The lobo stick for Riot! The stick has a great artwork emphasizing the button layout and color. One of the best artwork ever worked with. Due to the artwork very clean woodworking and drilling work was needed. At the end the botton fits exactly in the intended artwork place.

Technique :

Stick has UPCB with a piggyback xbox360

This stick supports out of the box

- xbox1 : press LP and LK while connecting the stick
- xbox360 : press HP and HK while connecting the stick
- PS3 : Default

Update of the stick firmware is possible via bootloader pressing start and select.

When changing the cable this stick supports all kind of consoles except dreamcast. The stick can be updated to support the dreamcast (another piggyback).

So this controller is can be used for Playstation 1 and 2, Gamecube, Wii, Sega Master, NES, SNES and many many more.

From a technique point of view this stick is the most evolved piece around the controller world.

Okay, take a close look to the paintwork finish. Now I've done some polishing to underline the mirror effect.

Great Artwok!

Captain Hook ;)

Red transparent bottom plexi. This makes the black buttons glow red under light.

xbox360 piggyback
upcb with button select cable

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