Tuesday 6 April 2010

Dual Strike Firmware 1.6.0 released

It`s now possible to control settings of the TE Turbo field (LS, RS, ...) with Dual Strike. Imagine you´ve connected xbox360 pcb via Dual Mod interface to your Dual Strike. For changing Stick mode on PS3 console the Dual Strike takes the job. But now you can even control xbox360 TE Stick mode with the Dual Strike PCB!

Wire down stick mode lines to the turbo pcb and you`re down. Now you can mod your TE without using this ugly turbo hole. Tutorial on this stuff will follow.

New Firmware here with the following new possibilities for the pins S3 and S4 (of these only one can be active, this is configured in the configuration mode):

* emulation of the joystick mode switch (e.g. on MadCatz Fightsticks and -pads) - you can do without the turbo hole!
* reading of the joystick mode switch
* and inverted triggers support

See "readme.txt" for more details.

Default setting is no function.

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