Wednesday 28 July 2010

Boiler TE Chun Li

Just some quick snapshot of my new TE Mod for Boiler. Here`re some specs

- Dual mod : Support PS3 and xbox360 out of the box via Dual Strike
- Led Mod: Normal light up is blue, purple on button press
- xbox360 arranged button colors.
- Purple Bubble Ball Top
- Mixed Button frame and caps
- Etched arrow hadouken dust washer
- Regular Size TE Plexi with custom artwork
- Side Plexi with 24mm sized button artwork
- Bottom Plexi with Artwork
- Aluminium Brushed Feets

Thanks to Boiler for this ideas and motivation. Thanks to Jan from
for the parts!


presicion25 said...

Nicely done! I want to try and build a basic controller at some time in the future, im just not sure when. Ive got a Custom MVS and Im going to add a controller port on the side. I guess I should use a DB15 connector. Where do you get most of your supplies?

Arcadeforge said...


thankies! from . The most parts are selfproduced. Get them at

Thats my shop.