Thursday 15 July 2010

Project Fatality : Drop Test

News from Necrodus :

Although it was painful to even think about it, here are some drop test results:

Test setting:

A) Height: 50cm. Chosen to approximate the fall when carrying the case around (eg walking with case in a bag) or case falling accidentally from lap / small stand while playing.

B) Force applied: none. Case is dropped, NOT thrown.

C) Contact (ouch): Marble floor.


1) case falls face up : no damage

2) case falls on side: minor movement of the bottom panel, no cracks, bottom nuts tightened again - case ok

3) case falls face down: I'm not gonna do this unless they sent me a free new stick first. :)

All in all case withstood reasonable punishment quite well .

However I repeat again here:

-This is a plexi case, not a metal one. It does not have the endurance of metal and reasonably so.

-If you throw it to the wall, it will break. Any case will break in such circumstances.

-If you treat it with a bit of care you should expect your children to be using it too.

-I do not endorse tests like the above. In fact I hate them. Treat all your cases with respect and never drop them!!!


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