Friday 25 March 2011

MAXDamagermany with ArcadeForge.DE


last week we (IVIPhisto, PunkRockCaveman and bencao74 (me) ) visited the MAXDamagermany in Frankfurt. Arrived at 12.00 oclock and stayed there until 21.00 o'clock. We modded there dozen of sticks and talked to a lot of nice guys.

Tony from Neutrons managed us a good table and we started immediatly to present our stuff.
Short hand we included some great customs to make a little Custom stick exhibition. See here the custom made by Moses. Attention this stick is made from stone, no joke.
The black customized TE was modded during the event. Paul brought me my project fatality acryl stick back from netherland. The Acryl Stik was presented by Chris ( ) on the durch, thanks for this.

Michael repaired here the custom from backbone - with success I guess. In the front you see a heavily modded Sega Naomi Custom Panel with ARC EYEs and LED mod.

Freezas Custom was in the exhibition, too. It nearly the size of the Sega Naomi Panel :).

Two of my customized TEs. Red one is for sale btw ;)

Atomiswave with MAK Strike.

ATG and NN playing HNK until

they finally got the dragon punch glitch. Congratulations ;)

PunkRockCavman couldn't believe that the game was played until it crashed .... :)

Then met Paul from netherland with an awesome custom.
Nice Artwork and Case

plus MCuthulu.

Another Custom...

Customized TE from Nadine.

And finally some pics from the

Members of the Orga Team :) Thanks a lot guys for the chance to visit this event. It was fun!

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