Tuesday, 31 May 2011

SLG3000 v2 - Before and After comparsion

What are the benefits of using scanlines in your gaming equipment?

This question is often asked since SLG3000 hits the market. It can be best explained taking a closer look at a before-and-after comparsion.

Assuming you`re using a kind of 480p, 31Khz display, like LCD in your home entertainment.

You planned a nice evening with your friends and want to play all the great old retro stuff. :) You connect somehow your favourite retro console or even xbox60 arcade game and get picture like on the left hand side of the picture.

Your 240p game is scaled to 480p by doubling every single line. The result is a unsharp and bold simple picture.

So, we add scanlines. The scanline generator brings again sharpness into the picture and works against the unwanted scaling effect. Besides it add the old fashioned tube effect by erasing every second line ;)

In the end your evening is rescued, you don't have to build-up an extra console corner with a tube and can enjoy your retro stuff in your home entertainment.

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