Thursday 13 December 2012

Re-Blog from nerdigst

Nerdigst send me some lines saying that he did a review of the DIY scaler chain. He took a lot of pics. Find here a part of his post. The complete post is available here


I tested it with all consoles I have (SFC, MD2 + MCD2, GG, Duo-R, SAT, DC, X360, PS1 + 2, MS1, FC, SG, MAK (Arcade), PSP, Wii) but I didn't make pictures of everything .
So the following pictures are examples but let me tell you that all consoles look awesome. And please keep in mind that it is hard showing the scanlines in pictures - in action it looks perfect.
First the Duo-R (with Star Pardier & CD Denjin):

Next is the MAK (Arcade / Sorcer Striker):
Next is the FC (Super Mario Bros.3 & Holy Diver):
I'm sure everyone knows that game .

Next is the SAT (Batsugun & Saturn Bomberman):

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