Saturday 16 March 2013

Acryl Arcade Fight Stick

Hey here some new pics of my newest fight stick creation. It`s made from aluminium and acryl. Will be available soon as custom or DIY kit.
  • - Seimitsu and Sanwa Button
  • - Sanwa JLF stick unit
  • - Fight Stick enclosure made from Acryl and Alumunium
  • - USB Neutrik Plug
  • - Aluminium Feet
  • - Extra Flat Design
  • - Link stick mod


Unknown said...

That looks awesome. If you plan to sell these cases with custom layouts (Sega P2 6 button, properly centered, to be exact) then you've got a customer right here :)

Arcadeforge said...

The position of the stick and buttons is based on the TE. :)

But of course custom layout will be available.

Just get in touch with contact form