Friday, 28 June 2013

Enclosure for Scanline Generator SLG HD=

Find here the enclosure for the Scanline Generator SLG HD= from Arcade Forge Shop


Alessio Scanderebech said...

I have a PS2 connected to my TV via Component cable.

I use my PS2 to play 2D games and arcade collections of Capcom and SNK.

If I connect SLG HD between PS2 and TV, will it work with any source?

Thank you.

bencao74 said...

The ps2 comes with to resolutions. the 480i and 480p.

For 480i the scanlines will be just a sort of image filter. Only 120 lines and that is not very authentic.

For 480p the scanlines will be about 60-70% intensity for the 480p games. The sync signal on 480p PS2 is weak unfortunately.

Other systems like the xbox360 or ps3 have stronger sync signal, so the scanlines will be darker.

So, finally, yes it works. But the xbox360 or PS3 will be more fun with this device