Friday 17 April 2015

ArcadeForge Bartop Harness 12V for LED Stripe, Air Fan and Amplifier

Find here some pics for 12V harness of the Bartop Arcade DIY kit

The product page can be found in our Shop Bartop Harness for LED Stripe, air fan and amplifier

The Air Fan, LED Stripe and the optional Amplifier needs all 12V. This is a proposal how to wire up the 12V plus connection for the speakers.

Find here the installation video. ArcadeForge Bartop Harness Installtion Video Youtube

The harness

Yellow : 12V
Black : GND

- 1 set cable black and yellow 40cm with pinheader for the air fan. 
- 1 set cable black and yellow 60cm for amplifier, open end wires
- 1 set cable black and yellow 60cm for LED Stripe with screw terminal.

Cables go to Molex floppy connector that is supported by our recommended Bartop Harrness Power supply. Normal PC PSU is supported with the Molex connector as well.

Additionally Speaker harness
- 1 piece black cable with 2 connectors (daisy chain) and 2 pcs red cable 6,3mm Connector 1m length.

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