Friday 16 November 2018

Raspberry Pi Retroarch, overrides and appendconfig

I'm just messing around with the retroarch configuration life cycle.

There are dozen way to put in your desired configuration.

By default config in


 will be taken. One can use overrides to specify core or game specific configs in




Further on CMD shell the possibilty

retroarch --config=retroarch.cfg --appendconfig=game.cfg

exists. BUT: configuration in game.cfg will only be taken, if the specific config line in retroarch.cfg does NOT exists.

If you want to do so, set parameter

auto_overrides_enable = "false"

Now the appendconfig work like overrides, but the overrides will not be taken into account anymore.


ok, copy game.cfg to


and it will be taken as override. Keep controller setups in remap config folder and active auto_remap_enable = "true".

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