Friday 20 November 2020


Find here the new CRT RGB PICTURE SHIFTER. 

It's available now at and other distribution partners.

The CRT RGB picture shifter pcb is a little device that shifts a CRT RGB picture  from left to right and vice versa.

It will be connected between Picture RGBS source and the CRT.


  • It has a input RGB Scart and a output RGB Scart connector.
  • Position of picture will be adjusted with a Axle. 
  • Sync resistance of 75 Ohm can be switched on and off with a jumper. 
  • Led shows if unit is powered on or off. 
  • Standard power plug of 2,1mm / 5,5mm inner pole plus usable on all arcadeforge devices. 
  • Power supply needs 5V with 0,5A, inner pole plus, 2,1mm / 5,5mm 
  • Unit has a power on and off switch 

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