Tuesday 10 August 2021

Pinball restoration. Best of worse

OK, this is my spiderman pinball. I was just wondering about a smokey smell and checked general illumination. The gi was replaced by led stripes. The old bulb connect was damaged and squeezed. So it got very very hot. 

Why did the fuse not blow up?

The fuses was bridged with solder and a wire. 

I mean... 

OK. The other half of the gi was not working at all. 

Of course not, when the cables are ripped off. 

50% of the gi bulb was missing, the other half of the bulbs was dark ouz or blown up. 

How was this solved by the last person who cared about the machine. Yes, home made pin stadium. Sure, the pin is dark, so put led stripes in it. 

What did we learn? 

If you ever see home made pin stadium that did not fit to the overall status of the pin, one can be almost certainly sure, that the pin is a blender. 

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