Monday 23 November 2009

Dual Strike (was Lulu) meets Dreamcast


today a Dreamcast Padhack came along and meets the Dual Strike PCB (Lulu was renamed to Dual Strike).

DC has two serial datalines for the pad. So I`ve used this two datalines and connected them to USB Cable instead of D+ and D- usb datalines. Then I connected the buttons stuff to the additional DUAL Mod interface of the Dual Strike PCB. The datalines goes to the DPDT switch. This switch selects between the USB datalines for PC/ PS3 and Dreamcast datalines. So the user of this nice piece of hardware can easily switch between PS3 and Dreamcast support for their consoles.

Piggyback DC to Dual Strike PCB.

Dreamcast to USB cable ;) Don't get me wrong. It`s not a converter.

Switch selects between PS3 and Dreamcast

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