Tuesday 24 November 2009

Back to the Roots - Commodore C64 DTV

Hey Folks,

back to the roots again. For those born > 1980: This is Commodore 64 built-in a Competition Pro like case. The competition pro was / is the best joystick for 9pin like protocols (Atari, Amiga, etc). Additionally the C64 DTV starts with a menu with 30 games. This games loads in 0 seconds. This is comparing to disc drives like 1541 incedrible :) Of course this C64 dtv is modable. I've added:

- two external joystick ports
- one disc drive port
- PS2 keyboard interface

and a so called dtv trans cable. With this cable the c64 dtv can be flashed with new (better) games.

Jep, the PCB is scrap, very cheap production and a horror to soldier.

The nearly no space for the cable. So watch out.

Fitting all the ports in the case.

First test...

This mod makes this c64 dtv to a almost fully functional Commodore C64 :)

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