Sunday, 24 July 2011

Restauration and Repairing Operation Wolf

So, I`ve new cab : Operation Wolf. :)

Jep, Uzi Gub made of metal with blowback, Screen is mirrored in the cab and the gun works as a light gun.

Cab state on delivery:

Screen not properly adjusted, complete back side missing, dirty.

First Repait attempts:

On first start machine gun registered. Then adjusted the screen and the gun didn`t work anymore. After cleaning the screen, front glass and mirror and adjusting the screen again the gun work fine.

Despite of registering shoots the left hand side 3cm of the screen. Backblow sometimes doesn`nt work

Anyway here`re the pics:

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CyCleMat said...

oh an arcade Cat i have the same type of cat sleeps in the cab, eat in the cab, an when i power on the cab the cat glows up