Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Roadtrip Daytona Part 1 : Warehouse Inspection

Hey, last sunday I was on roadtrip with Olli aka cebulba to a arcade warehouse (raid).  Was great, we started quite early and dropped my OW to Jörg aka PRC to gain some space in my gameroom.I took a pic from his Thunder something sitdown.

First we fetched a pole position near the Ijsselmeer, then we headed to the warehouse. Just enjoy the pic. We travelled with a van and a horse trailer. But we run out of space, so we started a second trip.

In the first trip we got a Pole Position sitdown, a racing seat and dedicated Rally-X cabaret.

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fooons said...

You are in the Arcade paradise...

I also have in my warehouse an old Namco GP 500 machine. I want to use it for new games such MotoGP in PS3. Dual Strike v3 is able to use analog inputs? Because direction, throttle and brake are controlled by potentiometers. I want to restore this great arcade machine but I can't find the apropiate hardware for the game controller.

Thanks for your time!