Friday 22 March 2013

ArcadeForge Bartop : Assembling

I can't wait to assemble the mock up.

 The edges must be handled.

 I`ve glued edgings.

Step 1 : Glue the deep bags
Step 2  : Attach the front panel sheet with the two holes
Step 3 : Attach the Bottom Panel

 Step 4 : Attach the Back panel
 Step 5 : Attach the Top Panel
 Step 6 : Attach Speaker Panel
Step7 : Attach the second side panel. Make sure that panels sit tight in the bags. (use a hammer if necessary)
Step 8 : Use some heavy books to press the whole enclosure.

The shallow bags will be assembled with bars for the back panels.

After some time the glue is dry and shell is ready :)

I`ve attached some nice looking feets and buttons from the


The back panel fit like a charm.
I`ve taken the white painted aluminium and countersunk the screw holes.
Assembled a JLF. The surface is smooth.

Finally I threw it all together. The mockup is finished. Sure, there are many many things to improve, but this is a good start.

I want to collect at least  ten interested people. If that happens I collect offers for that little friends and start this project. Anyone?

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