Monday, 30 September 2013

Key Strike Manager Software


 it`s time to make a short tutorial for programming the Key Strike.

The Key Strike is a programmable keyboard and gamepad. It was developed as an input device for emulators (especially MAME) in bartop or dedicated arcade cabinet reproductions, but it is useful for all purposes, where keyboard or gamepad signals are needed. 

It`s available at various resellers ( ie. and our shop

The software Key Strike Manager can be downloaded at our project page

Extract the package KeyStrike_Software.exe and follow the readme instructions.

Finally after short internet check of current version one sees this application. 

File dialogue gives the normal operation like loading and saving setting files. A setting file contains the current keyboard mapping file for the key strike devices. They can be saved and loaded to be shared with other key strike devices. 

Help Dialogue contains some help and language selection. 

Key Strike Devices can be renamed. So your key strike can be be named in your device page.

The first checkbox enables or disables the alternative mapping. Imagine you want to go back in your MAME emulation game selection screen by pressing ESC or make something else useful. Press button SELECT plus the button for the desired alternative key. Example : Press button SELECT and button 2 will activate ESC key. The whole key mapping can be assigned just as you wish. 

The TAB page shows 1 Player , 2 Player and Remove Player tab. 

Key Strike 1 Player Version can be configured with the TAB Player 1. Key Strike 2 Player version with both tabs: Player 1 and Player 2. 

The Key Strike can be used as gamepad as well. Just enable the check box for "use as gamepad". 

The normal use for the Key Strike is as keyboard encoder. Each key can be configured. Ie:

Click "Button 1".

A virtual keyboard opens a your wanted key for button 1 can be selected with one mouse click. Of course the configuring can be done by simple key presses, too. 

The default mapping is a standard MAME layout. Configure your needs for the primary and  alternative mappings. 

The mapping can be saved in Keystrike setting files and reused on other devices. Defaults can be enabled again with a simple click. 

So, have fun with the key strike and this neat piece of software. 

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