Saturday 24 October 2009

Lulu Boards arrived!!


leave me a message if you want one. Grab this one in case you want a V-USB breakout. all pins are connected with screw terminal. So this PCB is general purpose and easy to use V-USB realization.

Leave me some suggestions for a new name for this project! Best proposal gets a free board.


Unknown said...


I suggest Mystick PCB or Fantastick

Is the HE10 2x10 prepared for X360 piggyback ?
What are the jumper PS3/X630 use ?
Did you fixed the PS3 home button problem ?
What is the price of the board ?



Arcadeforge said...

the names sound good!

> Is the HE10 2x10 prepared for X360 piggyback ?

Yes, indeed. Good Eye! This one is compatible to the UPCB connector. This means: If you've already piggyback xbox360 pads for the UPCB you can re-use them here.

> What are the jumper PS3/X630 use ?

2 x 3 connector for DPDT Switches. You've here an easy to use interface for switching between xbox360 and PS3. Pics will follow.

>Did you fixed the PS3 home button problem ?

not yet. I'm planning to use a bootloader so the firmware can be updated very easy.

What is the price of the board ?

order with mail jochen et zurborg dot info

Prices for PCB only is 5€. 10€ for kits and 15€ for ready assembled ones.

Anonymous said...

Wow, good job Jochen!
Are you buying large batches? You are selling them very cheap:)

UniBoard, Unifier, Unifire, Uniter are my suggestions


Arcadeforge said...

Hi Sebastian,


1st batch is limited to 20 pieces. First come first serve.

Price is so low to state that this is still an hobbyist project.

I like the idea with the simple integration and assembly of dual mods. So Uniter is very good name :) But let's wait to the end of this week for more proposals :)

Anonymous said...

Is this board compatible with the IMP board ? i'd prefer not to hurt my case with any additional hole :)

Or even better, are you in any way going to make the likes of the IMP board or the future chIMP one ?

Arcadeforge said...

My original intention was to integrate an IMP on the board. But I decided to jepp the first batch simple. Next batch will have a integrated IMP.

PCB is fully compatible to the IMP. The all USB (xbox360 and PS3) datalines are accesible via Pin-Header (this 6 pin header next to the usb jack ;))

I didn't really follow the news about the chIMP. It's now possible to automatically detect which console is connected? Thanks for the info!!!

Valentin said...

Great work as usual.
I'm launching my webshop for parts, PCBs and accessory. Maybe i could order some SAM, TIM and Lulu for my mods.

Do you plan on making a universal lulu ?

Arcadeforge said...


Yeah, sounds fine for me. Leave me a message to jochen "et" zurborg "dot" info

I'm considering to integrate a xbox1 and/ or Ps3. But this are plans for the future.

Todo is first the bootloader and probably a imp

Unknown said...


Great stuff, i'm truly amazed about the things you made !

Do you have any idea on the ETA of the next batch with integrated IMP and the working home button ? :D
No wonder, i'd be one of the 1st to order it when it's done !

Arcadeforge said...

Sorry, so far no ETA for Home Button. I'm still not sure if firmware USB is the way to go.

ETA for IMP should be end of next month or something. Source is finished, layout is pending. I'm considering making two imp versions. One stand-alone. One integrated into "Lulu" design

Unknown said...

> I'm still not sure if firmware USB is the way to go.
Why not ?
It allow your software to be easily upgradable in case you fix the home button problem, no ?

Arcadeforge said...

jep, update is no problem. It's a protocol issue. I taked a look at the "reference" implementation UPCB and this report descriptor is 0x13bytes.

So far I've only get managed to adress 8 bytes. But however, firmware USB spec says that 254 bytes are possible... hmm sounds good

Unknown said...

Working on this project too,
I look inside the UPCB code to try to uderstand the home button problem.
I think the UPCB is performing a test to send a different HID descriptor depending if the detected machine is PC or PS3.
And the sent descriptor seem to be different (VSHG or PC stick) as far I can understand the code (very little, unfortunately it's not my world...)

Arcadeforge said...

jep, the descriptor will selected on startup I think. After that we can focus on PS3USB_main. There is the correct use of report descriptor.

This makes me a little bit nervous:

rom const unsigned char PS3USB_Device_Descriptor[] = {
0x12, //size of this descriptor in bytes
DEVICE, //descriptor type = PS3USB_Device_Descriptor
0x10, 0x01, //USB Spec 2.0

this means that USB 2.0 is used? Firmware usb is 1.1.

Arcadeforge said...

if you want my current beta for testing leave me a mail...

Unknown said...

yes, USB2.0 is probably used because the UPCB uC is a microchip pic that support natively this feature.
The chtuluh one is another model from microchip supporting this feature too.
But I'm not sure that this is the problem,
maybe we've too look around the "EPO buffer size" that seem to be different between the UPCB and the OBDEV code ?

Arcadeforge said...

configured endpoint buffer size in UPCB is 0x40.

#define PS3USB_EP0_PACKET_SIZE 0x40 // maximum packet size for low-speed peripherals is 8 bytes, for full-speed peripherals it can be 8, 16, 32, or 64 bytes

Firmware USB can send 8 bytes at one time and up to 256 byte in several chunks.

I've configured the reportBuffer to 0x13 and will now use same settings like written in UPCB.

For example Square

if (!(PINB & (1<<5))) { reportBuffer[0]|=0b00000001; reportBuffer[14]=0xFF; }

This means that the buffer will send in several chunks.

But UPCB send his report in one chunk. Well, let's give this a try. I've no means to test until this afternoon. You've a runung test setup?

Unknown said...

No, i didn't check this by myself and i'm not able to do this cause I have to borrow a PS3 each time I want to check my changes (i don't have one ;) )
But I wait impatiently for your results.

Arcadeforge said...

ok, I leave a message about the results...

Unknown said...


is there any fresh news about this test setup ?

Arcadeforge said...


unfortunately I`m currently in france. next time I can do some testing is sunday or next monday :(

bye jochen

Unknown said...

Unfortunately ???
How lucky are you to be in France
Quelle chance d'être en France ;)
Profites en, j'y vis moi (à Toulouse)

Enjoy your trip,

Waiting for your update

A bientôt,


Arcadeforge said...


unfortunaltely is that I've to work here all day long. almost no time to enjoy france. I'm in Senlis, 50 km north of paris. Any recommendations? ;) 2 years ago I was in TLS. Was very nice there! and the weather is much more better in TLS than in Paris :)

au revoir