Wednesday 25 November 2009

Button Led Changing Color Mod


so I'm making with PRC another Stick. This stick is the price for lucky one who makes the highscore in DUX official competition. DUX is a shemup for my favourite console Dreamcast.

We divided up the work. I'll make the kinky led stuff. Task is to let the buttons glow in pink when not pressed and green when button is pressed. I would say, task nearly accomplished. Repeat until all leds are connected. If there is interest at such a mod I´ll publish the source. Comments are welcome :)

ATMega8 is perhaps oversized for such a simple inverter job. But so I can do led attract. When the stick is connected the led will blink two times. This means : "HELLO WOLD!"

Pressing the buttons results in green.

Releasing turns off the green one and light up the pink.

Here's movie.

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