Wednesday 2 December 2009

Restructuring my blog


my blog grows and grows. I've now written nearly 200 blog messages in almost two years. Time to clean up a bit.

So I've decided to re-structure the contents.

Labels now contains activities. You can now access easily informations about
  • Acryl - Work with Acryl based on cases made by Flyinghorse
  • Arcade - MAK, Supergun, Arcade PCB related stuff
  • Drill Templates - Most common drill templates drawn by PRC
  • Dual Mod - all about supporting two or more consoles with just one controller
  • Illumination - intelligent illumanation of cases, button led mods Stick ball led mods and last but not least the power supply with charging circuits.
  • Leather - Case work with leather. schematics and handling
  • Little Helpers - Little circuits which make life easier, Trigger Inverter Mod, Common ground issues, charge circuit, switching with transistors and 4066 based ICs
  • Pad Hack - Soldiering game controllers for all kind of controllers.
  • Paintwork - Worklogs and Tutorials about making mirror like finish/ lacquer, sanding technique
  • Wireless - contains circuits getting rid of those damned cable in your living room for all (!) kinf of gaming consoles.
  • Woodworking - Making Cases of wood and MDF, countersinking control panels and other stuff.
Links contains my favourite projects:

Hope you like the new organization :)




Aripug said...

I'm writing from Italy and i want to say to you: YOUR BLOG is very nice and your creations are AMAZING!!!!!
Congratulations :)

Arcadeforge said...

thanks a lot :) always need those kinds of messages for my own motivation :)