Tuesday 6 July 2010

European plexi cases : Project Fatality designed by Necrodus & bencao74

Hey out there,

here`s a new project ;) probably you were aware that I was last weeks into designing some stuff with acryl/plexi. Necrodus from greece crossed my way and told me about his ideas. First I thought that we never finished this project, because it was full of very ambitious ideas. Necrodus stated, that he wants to make acryl case with the Project Fatality. Ok, so far okay for me, just an easy requirement ;) But then he wants to make a case that covers

- nearly all common joystick unit (Sanwa JLF, Seimitsu LS32, 56 and so on...),
- all button layouts (Vewlix, Sega, Incline, and so on...)
- all game-engine Controller PCB (Dual Strike, UPCB, Cuthulu, and so on...)
- etching on all walls, top and bottom plate
- artwork on all walls and top and bottom plate
- ... did I forget something, ah, yes of course the case should support illuminations concepts,
- illuminated PCB shelfs with etching.

Crazy Guy I thougth, but : After some weeks we just started and made the first prototype. This one was used for fixing some issues. After the second prototype almost all our goals and wishes for a all purpose acryl case are fullfilled.
The result is a case that`s open for any kind of modding and customization options.

Project Fatality FAQ

Part 1 - General questions

- I like your case. Who created this thing?

This case is the product of the cooperation between Necrodus and bencao74.
Our goal was to create a case that is compatible with a wide range of components and also as much customizable as possible.

- Why the name Project Fatality?

The name was chosen as a tribute to a very influential fighting game.

- Your case is very similar to Art's.

It seems we were concurrently working on the concept of a plexi case. Our design is not associated with Art's and has significant differences.
That said, Art has contributed much to the fighting game community and has our respect. We wish him many sales for his own design.

- Won't this case break easily? I tend to be quite rough on my controllers.

Plexiglass is a very versatile material with useful properties when it comes to customizations. It is NOT however the most durable of materials.
Please understand that although this case is very sturdy, however it is impossible to make it as sturdy as a metal or wooden case. It will last you
a long time, but you should also take appropriate care of it. It is ill advised to throw it around in bouts of loss-induced fury!

- My case gets dirty quickly! There are fingerprints all over it!

Please understand it is not a design fault, it is unfortunately another limitation of plexiglass material.

Part 2 - Pricing & Availability

- Where can I buy this case? Will it be available from online or local shops?

Bencao74 will be selling this case. It`ll be available soon in my shop under http://www.arcadeforge.de

- What is the price of the case?

Currently the case will be offered only in assembled form, because there is an wide range of customization options.

If there is enough interest to release a DIY version I`m open to offer a kit.

Basic prize for simple double walled version 110€
Basic prize for simple single walled version 80€

For the future a configurator will be released on my shop page.

- What is included in this price?

Basic prize includes the case itself without etching and some simple feets and and all needed screws.

You can choose between
- Button layout
- Button numbers
- Wall design

Different stick unit are supported out of the box.

I`ll offer for an additional charge to assemble
- all parts (buttons, stick unit, USB Plug),
- wiring,
- game controller PCB,
- etching,
- artwork service and
- illumination.

Part 3 - Physical dimensions / characteristics

- Height: 5.5cm (no feet). Length: 34.6cm. Width: 25.2cm.

Reduce length and width by 6mm for single wall version

2) Weight: Aprox. 1.5 - 1.7kg

Part 4 - Parts Compatibility

1) Face buttons:

All 30mm sanwa and seimitsu snap ins and screw ins.
Crown button holes per customer request.

2) Side Buttons:

Single wall version: All sanwa and seimitsu snap ins and screw ins of both 24mm and 30mm diameter.

Double wall version: All sanwa and seimitsu screw ins of both 24mm and 30mm diameter.

Buttons can be placed on back (3) or side walls (maximum of 3 per wall).

3) Sticks

- Sanwa JLF
- Seimitsu LS32-01 ("S" plate)

4) Button layouts

Vewlix & variations, Astro city & variations, Straight & variations, Neo geo, 5 button MK Layout

5) Game controller PCB

We`re planning to offer PCB shelfs for Dual Strike v1 and v2 and Toodles UPCB and Cuthulu series.

Part 4 - Thanks time!

- Necrodus

My friends (Dreiko are you reading this?) and my family (Mother do you remember 1996?) for their support.

- Bencao74

First I like to thank Necrodus for getting to me with this great idea and all his work on this great project!
Furthermore I want to send greetings to all the people who supports my modding:
purplearms, ivlephisto, ;o) ,Phreakazoid187, Francys Pai, PunkRockCaveman, 32teeth, Jinxs, Valentin, Hardedge Forum, all guys I forget :) and my cats Lotte and Gretel

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Hello, do you still sell acryl/plexi case at arcadeforge, cause I'm searching for one and can't find them?