Tuesday 27 July 2010

Nuts parts 2

Today was the day! Finally I`ve completed Maresukes Case and now the most exciting parts comes: The assembly of the inner panel plus Artwork.
Main questions:

- Does the inner panel fit?
- Is the Plexi top panel even to the case size?
- Does the coors of the artwork match?

Since I`ve now enough experience with the laser cutter I do not use wood alone for the innerpanel.

I use a sandwich technique
- 2mm lasercut Plexi on top
- Artwork printed on 160g paper
- 4mm lasercut plexi for mounting stick and button
- 10 mm plywood

--> That`s real sturdy :)

Enjoy the pics!
PCB Mounting - Supports xbox360, PC, PS3

All the layers are screwed into the case!

Looks clean, eh?
Artwork delivered from Maresuke with clan symbol.

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