Saturday 28 August 2010

Ghost'n Goblins Arcade PCB repair log


so, I think it`s to get into those arcade stuff. First love was ghost'n goblins.

Ok, buied the PCB from AZ and it arrived with a Konami Adapter, But my Cab is Jamma. Nervertheless before starting soldering I cleaned the PCB.

The I de-soldered the Konami Adapter

weeks later I`ve soldered the jamma adapter. Here`s the pinput of the Ghost`n Goblins PCB

One of the dip switches was gone. So I soldered a switch to the pins of the DIP bank. Ok, now I`m able to put the game into freeplay mode again. Here`re the dip settings. In this doc the DIP banks are swapped. Take care the DIP bank 1 is DIP bank 2.

I`ve soldered some aligator clips on the 5V and GND lines to make lifer easier. I`ve nearly shortened the PCB by adjusting the voltage. It helps a lot!

hehe, only a video from youtube ;)

this here is the original on my hellomat superstart cab.

and here some strange stuff. Does anybody know how to get rid of this grahpic bug?


IvIePhisto said...

Coole Sache, wenn ich mal den Platz hab will ich auch nen Arcade-Automaten. Hört sich nach Spaß an :)

Arcadeforge said...

Absolut! Die Platinen sind der Hammer, und das alles nur für ein Spiel. CABlos geht das aber auch mit einer MAK und einem MAK Stick. ;) Achja, btw Bilal möchte gerne DS v3.0 testen. hast PM in SRK