Friday 11 February 2011

Sync Strike - Scart RGB Sync Separator


based on the work from Fagin (shmups forum) I´ve been working on Scart RGB Sync Separator recently. Problem is that console video RGB SCART output is not good enough for getting low cost scaler to work properly. So many peoples facing problems converting retro consoles via RGB Scart to VGA port of their LCD monitors.

It`s based on the famous LM1881. I wanted to this mod since ages. But I never was somehow motivated to do since I saw that SLG3000 in combination with a low cost "cga 2 vga scaler" greatly benefit from this mod.

Features :

- Female RGB Scart input
- DSUB 15 vga 15Khz output
- 5mm Screw Terminals for RGB, Hsync, Vsync, Csync, Audio Left, Audio Right and power supply.
- there are two additional RCA jacks for audio.

some idea to put into?


Valentin said...

Why not scanline option ? :)

Arcadeforge said...


I don`t want to rebuild a xrgb ;) This little helper can be used in many fields:
- Connecting consoles in Cabs with Arcade Monitors.
- making cga2vga scalers getting to work Scart RGB by plug and play
- Connecting Scart video source to RGBHV beamers and monitors.

The scanline generator SLG3000 works only with VGA. So think of this environment:

Retro console -> Scart RGB -> Sync Strike -> Cga2vga scaler -> SLG3000

e'oila costs aprox 100€ all together and does the same like 500€ plus euqipment

Valentin said...

yes i understand, but it would be nice to have something "all in the box", since it's getting impossible to buy a XRGB these days :)

Arcadeforge said...

jep, sure. hope this PnP solution will help neanwhile :)

Valentin said...

by CGA2VGA you mean this one ?

Arcadeforge said...

yes. or this one...

Kretinou said...

Would it work with this configuration (or usefull) ? :

Supergun>Scart rgb>Sync Strike>xrgb-2>LCD

If Yes, write my name on your command list :)

Arcadeforge said...

depends what you await. Sync Strike offers then clean and amped RGB channels plus Hsync, Vsync and additional Composite sync (if needed).

So I expect due to the hsync and vsync better results... but sure... worth a test :)

perkabrod said...

Are these for sale yet?

Also, the "Arcade RGB CGA to 2 VGA" on eBay doesn't say anything about NTSC/PAL but the ones on arcadeshop has a switch. Maybe the eBay once "auto" mode is just for that reason.

However, that was not really a question, but here comes one:
Is there a problem with us europeans running 50Hz consoles and games and then the VGA out runs 60Hz?

I really want to hook up everything like in faginrs500 video "£50 VGA Scaler with RGB SCART mod & SLG3000 in action". I will buy the SLG3000 whenever I've sorted out this Scart RGB sync separator thing.

Arcadeforge said...

No problems with this scaler.

I`ve put here a video from my successfull test session with PS2 via RGB Scart finally goes to 19" LCD with scanlines.

Anonymous said...

15Khz output ... so thas shit, coz most of LCD`s needs a minimum 30KHz of Hf.