Friday 25 November 2011

The Link

The Link is a new JLF shaft design that is purposed to allow easy storage for all kinds of players. The casual players looking to save a little space, and for traveling tournament players who need every inch when cramming into a full car.

The new design is a two piece steel construction. It’s currently in the prototype stage but what you see here is a good view of the final product. When in place, the Link is identical in height, allowing for you to drop it right into your current arcade stick that has a Sanwa JLF and feel no difference. The diameter of the center collar is perfect size so that you can keep your current dust washer, however the shaft cover will have to go!”

The Link is also suitable to free some space on Arcade Cab control panel. Click Out just easily your Link shaft and free some place for using your trackball or spinner. No parts will disturb anymore your game feeling.

The Link 1

The Link 2

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