Monday 29 October 2012

RAPIDO autofire Supergun MAK Extension PCB - soon at Arcadeforge

 RAPIDO is a project from Astrocade and he asked me to do the PCB design, layout and production.

Features :

    For Neo Geo Compatible Controller
    Easy installation, just plug between controller and supergun
    Supports 4 Buttons and 4 different Auto Fire speeds
    Configuration via Game Controller, no need of extra buttons
    LED for configuration visualization
The autofire has own MCU implementation and is configured by the controller itself.

Configuration Howto

1. Press Start Player 1 and Button A -> Rapido is in config mode
2. Press Button A one time -> First level auto fire speed. Press Button A up to 4 times for four level of auto fire speed
3. Repeat this for Button B, C, D if wanted.
4. Close config Mode with pressing Start Player 1.

All configuration button press will be visualized by a LED.

The implementation is finished and prototypes was successfully tested.

Here`s a video of this little friend in action. It`s like an adapter.

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