Tuesday 29 January 2013

Atari Battlezone Restoration Part 12 : Screen Adjustment FAQ

I was able to adjust the picture screen in the tube. Here`s an summary what I`ve done:

Symptom : The highscore names are slanted under each other.

Action : Adjust X BIP potentiometer on Game PCB.

Symptom : The base of the mountains are under the horizont line.
Action : Adjust Y BIP potentiometer on Game PCB located lower right corner

Sympton : The whole picuture is slanted

Action : Carefully adjust the joke.

The joke is fixed by the scew on the picture. Do that very carefully.

Symptom  : The radar grapic does not match to the red ring of the cardbox bezel.
Action : Take a look at the red circles on the picture above. This rings can be moved. One ring adjust the X and the other the Y axis.
Remark : Look in the BW vector monitor FAQ for an on board solution.

Symptom : Picture size is to big.
Action : Adjust the X and Y size potentiometers.

Have fun

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