Monday 15 April 2013

Key Strike is coming to town....


 the new keyboard encoder Key Strike in slim design for Arcade Bartop and other units is coming.

It`s fully  Arduino compliant device and can be used for your Arduino scetches as well. Primary advantage is the screw terminals instead of the headers. We`ve foreseen the Arduino status led.

Then it`s a fully programmable Keyboard Encoder with

- Supports 15 inputs
- Standard default MAME Button Layout.
- Most common USB B Type connector 
- Programmable keyboard layouts. Custom Keyboard Layouts will be stored and available after reset. (will be released later)
- HID Keyboard
- Screw Terminals for all signals
- 5V and two GND screw terminals
- ISP header
- 4 Screw holes for mounting the PCB
- Arduino compliant
- hardware based USB framework
- Slim Design

The 2 Player version will come in short time.

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