Wednesday 5 June 2013

ArcadeForge Bartop Design Documentation


 I`ve made some scetches that should help you assembling the upcoming ArcadeForge Bartop Project. We´re in the final phase :)

Find the Bartop  in the ArcadeForge.

Fig1 Profile Bartop

001 - this part fixes the control panel 099

002 - this part holds the speaker panel

003 - Roof of bartop

004 - upper back. Look at the nice bevel and smooth connection between part 003 and 004

005 -  has a fold to part 004 and 006. No wooden helper stripes are needed anymore. Also has a lock drill  and three drills for air circulation.

006 - connector panel, see fig2

007 - Bottom with drills for feets

008 - front wall with 2 pcs drill 24mm for start player1, 2, and coin

009 - closing wall that prevents shining light from light box to the screen

010 - monitor fixing panel

011 - Monitor mount. One can slide part 010 on Y axis on part 011 to get the center.

Fig2 connector panel

Find here all used parts and measures. 

Thanks for your time reading  this.

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