Wednesday 5 March 2014

Explaing Bartop Concept exchangeable Control Panels

Here`re some word about the Arcadeforge bartop design  concept of exchangeable control panels

Design concept is this : Normally Bartop Designer save here lots of money. I observed in my first prototype(s  ;) ) that the CPO like to bend, even with strong wood when using single layer panels.

In our bartop we use a control panel bracket plus control panel sheet. Thus the whole construction of the CPO has more strength.  It`s simply the fact that one layer CPO doesn't work very well and are prone to bend. All Arcade Cabs we ever seen works with brackets. So we did in our bartop design. When coming to this we worked out, that i`ts now VERY simple to swap CPO when using captive nuts in the bracket frame.

So a big plus is, that the ArcadeForge bartop offers the possibility to swap control panel. If one takes care of wiring with connectors then one could use different button layouts. We recommend to use DSUB 15 connector with NeoGeo Controller pinout. This way our Supergun MAK Strike can be used as basis ;)


6 Button Layout

2 Player 6Button Layout

1 Player 4 Button Layout

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