Tuesday 11 December 2018

PiCade 2 Player Version from ArcadeForge : Player Two is ready!

And the next ArcadeForge Release.

Picade 2 Player Version at ArcadeForge.DE

This is the PiCade 2 Player Version.

This PCB is made for Rapsberry Pi. It stacks on top and gives you a game controller plus audio amp for your arcade or bartop installtions.

- 32 Inputs
- several GND terminals
- needs only 5V for Amp
- Audio Jack
- Extra 2.1mm x 5.5mm inner plus pole for 5V jack
- Speaker terminals left and right and plus, minus
- Dip Switch for selecting volume control via software or extra buttons with terminals.
- 40 pin gpio
- Compatible to Raspberry Pi 3B+

Player Two is ready!

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