Thursday 30 December 2010

SLG 3000 Test Sessions : Xbox360 in 480p


today I was working on the great SLG3000 device. First time I setup it up and see it full action. SLG is Scanline Generator for 480p VGA outputs.

If like to know more about scanlines then visit the great site from fudoh :

I put the SLG between xbox360 VGA cable and LCD 19" monitor with resolution 480p. Sure this is not the main point for using such a device since 480p is the native resolution for xbox360. Furthermore I used no potis, so 100% scanlines :)

But anyway, it`s possible and give the games a new arcadish feeling, top! Good news besides : NO PSU WAS NEEDED!!!!

Ikaruga 01

Ikaruga 02

Ikaruga 03

Super Street Fighter with Scanlines.



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