Monday 20 December 2010

SLG 3000

SLG 3000 - testing phase finished!

SLG3000 adds scanlines to your VGA monitor or LCD display. Given this scanlines you have your original arcade feeling playing your PCBs on LCD.

Example :

Connect a xbox360 with your favourite cave shooter to your home lcd and change to resolution 480p. Connect SLG300 just by PnP and enjoy the scanline generator. Scanline can be faded out in continuously.

This work with other consoles or converters which outputs 480p, too. Thus it works on Dreamcast, PS3, modded GC, xbox1, xbox360 and so on.


- Voltage can be supplied either via 5mm screw terminals or molex connectors.

- Supported resolutions are 480p and 600p.

- On and Off Switch for scanline generation via screw terminals 5mm

- Power led

- 2 female VGA plugs.

Manual translation in english is in work. Bedienungsanleitung in german is done.

Send me via ArcadeForge contact form a message for pre-order.

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