Monday 3 December 2012

Rapido - AutoFire for Superguns and Neo Geo released.

RAPIDO is AutoFire device for Superguns and Neo Geo Compatible Controllers

It`s now relased in the ArcadeForge Shop under

Rapido at ArcadeForge

Features :
    - For Neo Geo Compatible Controller
    - Easy installation, just plug between controller and supergun
    - Supports 4 Buttons and 4 different Auto Fire speeds
    - Configuration via Game Controller, no need of extra buttons
    - LED for configuration visualization
The autofire has own MCU implementation and is configured by the controller itself.

Configuration Howto

1. Press Start Player 1 and Button A -> Rapido is in config mode
2. Press Button A one time -> First level auto fire speed. Press Button A up to 4 times for four level of auto fire speed
3. Repeat this for Button B, C, D if wanted.
4. Close config Mode with pressing Start Player 1.

All configuration button press will be visualized by a LED.

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