Friday, 22 March 2013

ArcadeForge : Bartop Project


 I`ve started the plans and layout for a bartop ages ago. Finally I`ve started to produce the prototype. It was great to the finished parts :) I`ve decided on white wood with a modular design with countersunk bags. Due to that it`s clear which parts should assembled where and it`s possible to build the enclosure less than one hour. The design is based on the famous weecade. Thanks for that.

 Full set of parts

 Frontpanel with two 24mm holes. two neutrik USB plugs can  here assembled as well. The part below is for the back wand.

Acryl monitor bezel 3mm and  2mm strong. The artwork can be assmebled like a sandwich.
 Monitor VESA mount 75mm and 100mm holes. Two additional mounts will be glued.

 Top plate
 Speaker Panel
 Side with parts like feet, edge stuff, screws and bars.

 The side have to different bags. One with 2mm for the bars. And one with 6mm for plugging the sheets.

 White lacquered aluminium and 2mm strong acryl.
 The front edge of the acryl is countersunk and polished.

 Marquee Plexi

 The back panel has cuts for two fans, PSU Plug, on and off switch and two additioanl USB Plugs.

 Back sheet with countersunk hole for a lock.

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